Original colored pencil - 24" x 16 1/2 - SOLD



Giclée print -
20 1/4" x 14 1/4", unmatted,
600 s/n


Giclée print -
5" x 7", unmatted,
open edition


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Some thirty years ago , taking in the sights at Acton Fair in Maine, I really liked the coloring and the size of this Belgian. As I stopped for a longer look, he turned his head……and here is the result. Back then, I had no idea of using my photos as reference material. I just liked taking photos. His owner, holding one rein, near this horse’s head, was talking with friends. I didn’t interrupt, so never learned his horse’s name. Over the years I would lose track of the photo, then it would surface again, be lost again, come to light once more, on and on. Finally, some five or six years ago, I was determined to do a drawing before the photo was somehow gone for good. Two or three years later, when I hung the portrait in my booth at Fryeburg Fair, someone suggested, "Hang a little sign: "Do you know this horse? Do you know the owner?" Two ladies happened by, stopped and looked for a long time, and said, "We think we know. We’ll send someone up who is most likely to know." People came, one by one and two by two, and all of them came from…..the pulling barns! These are busy men. They don’t go roaming up to the Craft Building to look at art and crafts. They’re busy with what they are at the fair to do. But, there they were. It was unanimous. This horse’s name was Rock. His owner? Richard Wallingford. Both were famous at fairs throughout New England. Some of the records they set have never been broken except by themselves. Many stories, all true, were shared with me. I treasure them as these people treasure the memories of their good friend Richard and of Rock, in his time the biggest, and forever "the strongest, kindest, most gentle, horse ever born."