Pencil Notecards - Horses

Lower left - The reference photo was taken at either Rochester or Deerfield Fair, both in NH , so long ago I wasn't even thinking about drawing horses in detail; I was just taking pictures at a country fair. This brown Belgian horse came striding past, intent on his goal---the pulling ring. I was struck by the intent expression in his eye, and the way he held his upper lip, and the shadows cast by the bridle.
Lower right - These two Belgians---a red roan and a brown at, probably, Deerfield Fair, stood at rest as I came by. Their stoic expressions attracted me, and the way one turned his head just enough to make the photo interesting to me. This shot, too, was taken at a time when I had no idea I would ever work from it. I simply liked these horses.
Upper left - Elisa, the Haflinger mare, was at Fryeburg Fair for many years. I always wanted a good photo of her, but whenever she was in the sunlight the collar of her show harness covered up most of that long, pretty mane, and once she was unharnessed she was in her stall. The time came when her owner wanted a drawing of her, so finally I had my chance.
Upper right - The drawing of "Stockwell" was done using 2 or 3 reference photos, as what was wanted was a Fjord horse with this certain look. I combined a couple of different Fjords into just one.