Commitment Requirements

Wooldridge works from photos provided by her clients or those she shoots herself, and she works closely with her clients regarding the desired pose and expression.

To take photos at your farm or at a show, the camera charge is $120.00. Within a 75 mile radius of Saco, ME, mileage is free. Beyond 75 miles, necessary expenses will be charged to complete the call. These include travel, lodging, meals and telephone.

A non-refundable deposit of one-third of the total price is required to contract performance. Once photos have been reviewed and contract signed. payment is due of one-half of the remaining balance. The remainder of the contracted price is to be paid upon completion of the work.

When providing photos, include closeups of the head, ears, eyes, tail carriage and the horse's way of going. I am happy to consider any written material you would like to supply regarding the animal's personality etc., as this is helpful in creating a satisfying portrait for your enjoyment.

Commissioned Portrait Price Schedule
Graphite Pencil      



Full Body

2 Heads or Horse & Rider

5 x 7


6 x 8


7 x 10


8 x 10


10 x 12


11 x 14




12 x 16




14 x 18




16 x 20




18 x 24




20 x 24




20 x 32


Prices quoted are for subject with no items in the background. For additional items to be included, and for very difficult/intricate subjects, prices increase accordingly.

All work is done under a detailed Agreement, signed by both parties. Each party retains a copy of the Agreement. Sales tax is added to the price of the work.

Pen & Ink on Certificate Bond
8 notes, 8 envelopes per package - $10.00*
Assorted barns, 2 of each design

Assorted horses, 2 of each design

8 notes, 8 envelopes per package - $10.00*
4 assorted draft & heavy pony designs, 2 of each design per package

Pencil - slightly larger, on heavier stock
8 notes, 8 envelopes per package - $15.00*
4 assorted boots/horses' feet designs, 2 of each design

4 assorted horse designs, 2 of each design

*Shipping/Handling not included

Feel free to e-mail me with any questions you may have. You may also e-mail your order if you wish.

Pat Wooldridge can be reached at:
3 Landing Drive #6
Kennebunk, ME 04043
(207) 604-5022