Larger Pencil Notecards - Boots & Horses Feet

Upper right - Boots, the first design in the series, was done from a photo I took on a visit to a training barn in Louisiana. Here, the owner is tacking up a young quarterhorse who is being trained as a cutting horse. The boots, fancy dress boots that had seen their day, and now used for everyday, really took my attention.

Lower right - The roping boots here, are worn by a South Dakota cowboy standing here with his quarterhorse whose legs are protected against injury during their day of roping cattle for branding.

Upper left - These field boots, a version of English riding boots, are worn here by a girl who was grazing her horse between classes at a horse show in Acton, ME.

Lower left - The Friesian mare whose front feet are seen here, was attended by a blonde-haired groom who, realizing I was taking the photo for reference, turned and said, in her Dutch accent, "These are Dutch Boots!" Yes.

In each of the reference photos used for these notes, the horses and their humans are in sync. I didn't ask them to pose, as I would rather have candid shots. They simply ARE in sync without trying.