Larger Pencil Notecards - Horses

Lower left - Gulliver is a lovely thoroughbred gelding who began as a 3-day event horse in Pennsylvania, excelled in dressage at the time I knew him, and now helps riders to perfect their dressage riding.

Upper left - These four show Belgians are members of a great, well-known team which comes down to Fryeburg Fair from New Brunswick each year. The reference photo, I took from across the ring during the Four Abreast class, and it sure took some time to capture all the details in the show bridles and harness as well as the expression on each horse. Each is an individual, as the finished work shows.

Upper right - Reneé is a Friesian mare of great presence and with a wonderful personality. The drawing was done by combining parts of 2 of my reference photos, taken while she was resting between shots during the photo shoot.

Lower right - "Oh, Look!" was done from another of the unused photos taken during the shoot. I added the baby's hand because Reneé's pose here reminded me of something I once read in Green Grass of Wyoming, by Mary O'Hara---the half-wild young stallion, Trombone, so named because when in motion his presence and abundant, billowing mane and tail inspire the idea of a background of trombone music, comes down the hillside to the Green near the ranch house where the family is enjoying the afternoon. The baby reaches out; Trombone wants to come near, but isn't quite tame enough yet. His hooves are planted, he is leaning backward a bit; just can't bring himself to come close enough. I didn't want to draw Reneé leaning backward as she is a very personable horse.